Specializing in supporting innovative Architects and Builders in their endeavors to enhance functionality through movement.

Whether improving aesthetics or adapting to environmental conditions, incorporating dynamic elements into a structure allows limitless possibilities to enhance the otherwise static nature of Architecture.
Problem solvers by nature, we pride ourselves on taking complex problems and providing elegant solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. Our established relationships with architects, engineers, builders and fabricators allow us the unique ability to provide truly custom and unique solutions.
While we specialize in Kinetic Architecture, we possess the skill set to provide full service Architectural solutions.

Jeremy Kramp - Co-Founder/Designer
Jeremy Kramp is a native and current resident of Washington State.  Jeremy served 8 years in the Navy with a Seabee battalion including a deployment to Iraq. Classically trained in civil engineering and mechanical design, Jeremy has spent the last 15 years gaining experience in all phases from design, to fabrication to installation. With hands on experience, Jeremy understands that good design takes a keen understanding of what takes place once the design leaves the paper.

C. Scott Blangeres, AIA - Co-Founder/Architect

Scott Blangeres is a Washington State native and a California resident. Scott is a California licensed Architect with 15 years experience in the design and construction industry. Working as a designer and a construction manager from custom residential to large commercial projects, Scott has gained knowledge of the construction process from the ground up.